LeVar Burton says no one is 'better suited' than him to host 'Jeopardy!'

By , The New ALT 105.3

In the days since we lost iconic, long-time 'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek, fans of the show have mulled the idea of who might replace him.

One petition has garnered over 227,000 signatures to get "Reading Rainbow" host & former "Star Trek" actor, LeVar Burton, to fill the shoes.

Last week, Burton shared the petition on social media, indicating that he supports the proposal.

"Leaving this here in the event the powers that be are listening..." Burton captioned a tweet sharing a link to the petition on April 5.

Speaking to EW on Friday, Burton expressed enthusiasm for the possibility, confidently proclaiming he's the man for the job.

"I've thought and thought and thought — I've asked friends and family to help me identify someone out there who's more qualified for the job than I am," he said. "I don't believe there is anyone out there who is better suited for this job than me. And I will go to my grave believing that."

"I think my whole career is an advertisement for being the host of Jeopardy," he added.

Burton previously admitted that he's flattered by the support.

"Even if nothing comes from it, I can’t tell how much how I appreciate all y’alls love and support," he posted on Twitter back in November, when the petition first started making the rounds online.

"Of course while I’m very flattered by the petition, my thoughts are definitely with Alex Trebeck’s [sic] family and his millions of fans and the devastating loss of this irreplaceable legend," he added.

'Jeopardy!' producers have not said whether the show will continue after Trebek's final episode airs on Christmas Day. They also revealed that they haven't entertained the idea of the next host yet.