Homeless boy, 8, helps family move into apartment with plant business

Bernice Pacheco, 30, lost her job in March and was struggling to provide for herself and three children. The family of four became homeless, and were forced to move into a shed in East Los Angeles.

The family struggled to complete school work, showered outside, and used bathrooms at nearby restaurants. Their conditions were made worse by the scorching California heat and the threat of coronavirus.

“We didn’t have any other options,” Pacheco explained to TODAY Parents,

All of that changed in June when Pacheco gave her son, Aaron Moreno, her last $12 and told him to invest it.

Aaron used the money, in addition to $16 in quarters from his great grandparents, to start selling plants. The young boy is now the proud creator of “Aarons Plants.”

The company has since grown in popularity and has nearly 24 thousand supporters on Instagram.

The hard work of this inspiring young entrepreneur has allowed the family to buy a car, move into an apartment and bring Moreno’s older sister back to the U.S. from Mexico.

Pacheco recalled one of the hardest things on her was the sound of the food truck that drove through their area every afternoon. She was unable to buy her son his favorite snack: Hot Cheetos.

“He wanted it so badly,” Pacheco said. “But I needed to pay the phone bill and do the laundry.”

Moreno now has enough money to buy his own hot Cheetos, and has even caught the attention of the inventor of Hot Cheetos, Richard Montanez.

“This was weeks after me starting my business and all I had was a small table that used to be our kitchen dining table. Our living room slash kitchen became our garden,” he captioned a photo on Instagram.

"When you ask me whats my favorite part of having my own business I can say it’s the people that we meet," he shared. "The ones that come into our life and change us. The people who are strangers and become angles."

The business-savvy first grader has also raised nearly $37,000 through GoFundMe that has helped to support him and his family.

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