Danica Patrick On Aaron Rodgers: "We Balance Each Other Out"


When you think of Danica Patrick, you probably think of two things: one, her success as a driver, and two, her relationship with Aaron Rodgers.

Patrick and Rodgers have been dating for over two years, and it’s easy to see why the high-profile relationship works.

“I think it’s probably a whole lot easier for two people to be together that have experience and understand public life,” Patrick said on The DA Show. “Sometimes there’s just no set timeline or schedule and you just have to put in the work that it takes and it’s not something where you punch in and punch out. It’s just whatever it takes. But also from that public-eye perspective, you understand why you have to be more cautious or safe with certain things. You understand why you don’t post certain things. You understand why you don’t talk about certain things. You just kind of have an understanding for it. I guess from my perspective, it’s a lot easier to have two people that get it versus one that doesn’t.”

Patrick and Rodgers are both inquisitive people, but they go about it in slightly different ways.

“We balance each other out a little, I think, in this area,” Patrick said. “I crave information. I’m so curious. I ask so many questions. I have so much air in me to just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Talk about all kinds of bizarre tings about the world and perspectives and what we’re here for, and he has the intellect to support that for sure. He’s also interested. But he also reminds me to just slow down and just relax. It doesn’t always need to be a conversation or stimulation. It can just be watching TV. It can just be sitting and sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine. I think we balance each other out really well, but we have a pretty high interest for conversation, for growing and learning. We both really like learning. I think we suit each other well.”