Jay Glazer Roasts Packers For NFL Draft Performance


Almost a week later, NFL insider Jay Glazer has no idea what the Packers were thinking. Green Bay traded up to select Jordan Love with the 26th overall pick in the NFL Draft – a decision that many felt was somewhere between questionable and idiotic.

“I was looking at it like, ‘Have they not met Aaron Rodgers?’” Glazer said on Tiki & Tierney. “You’re a game away from going to the Super Bowl. Trading up for his eventual replacement, I guess in four or five years, maybe – man, I just didn’t get it. And not giving him any weapons? I really just didn’t get their whole draft as a whole.”

The Packers went 13-3 last season. They won the NFC North and reached the NFC Championship. They did this despite Davante Adams missing four games and despite having no consistent No. 2 threat at receiver.  

Wide receiver was a clear need. So was appeasing Rodgers. The Packers did neither.

“The guy they love to pile on is Mike McCarthy,” Glazer said. “Mike McCarthy goes down to Dallas and gets one of the steals of the draft in CeeDee Lamb sitting there at 17. Mike McCarthy, we always knew he was hamstrung in Green Bay by their lack of free agency. They just would not get involved in free agency. Now, I think you see even more when he’s not there he tried to keep them on the straight and narrow, but how do you go and waste a draft pick? I’m saying waste because even if you groom this kid and he’s great, for what? For four years down the road? Are you going to try and trade Aaron?”

If so, that would be news to Rodgers, who hopes to play for Green Bay beyond his current contract, which doesn’t end until he’s 40.

“Like, what are you doing?” Glazer reiterated. “It just doesn’t make any sense. You’re a game away from the Super Bowl. Load the man up.”