JR: Bruce Arians is “riding Tom Brady’s coattails”

Tom Brady Bruce Arians
Photo credit USA Today Images

After publicly criticizing Tom Brady multiple times this season, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians now says Brady is “not getting enough credit for what he’s doing.”

JR SportBrief finds this comical.

“To just continually criticize Tom Brady publicly – but to all of a sudden say, ‘He deserves more credit’ – is hilarious to me,” JR said on CBS Sports Radio. “The reality is Bruce Arians is not necessary for this team to win a Super Bowl. The only reason why he would probably stick around if they’re unsuccessful this year is just for continuity purposes so you don’t rock the boat, so you can actually have a proper offseason of preparation as you move toward next year.”

The Buccaneers (8-5) started the season 6-2 and looked like perhaps the best team in the NFC. They have since lost three of five, however, and are hoping to hang on to a playoff spot in a crowded conference.

Brady’s 43-year-old body, meanwhile, continues to go tick tock.

“You don’t need to be a mathematician, you don’t need to be a physiologist, you don’t need to understand the human body to know that Tom Brady ain’t going to be out here for another 10 years,” JR said. “He signed a two-year deal. That’s it. He’s trying to get as much out of his body as he possibly can. And that doesn’t mean that he’s going to stick around. He’s trying to get this done right now. So is Bruce Arians the right coach for this squad? I don’t know. I don’t know. We may have to find out.”

Fans and analysts can debate for decades whether Brady or Bill Belichick was more important in New England. No such debate, however, is needed in Tampa Bay.

“I think the most important piece isn’t the head coach; ultimately, it’s Brady,” JR said. “So Bruce Arians, if he wants to be happy, he should just be thrilled that it’s unlikely he gets moved out the door because that would make a mess. It would be ridiculous to bring in another head coach next year to work with Tom Brady in what could potentially be his final season. He’s trying to go for rings. Bruce Arians is going to keep his job, and all of this really boils down to Tom Brady: What is Tom Brady going to do? How is he going to operate that offense? Bruce Arians has been real keen on saying Tom Brady, he’s making the choices. 

“You want to talk about Kyrie Irving talking about the Brooklyn Nets as a collaborative effort, that’s what the hell we got in Tampa Bay,” JR continued. “Why? Because Tom Brady is the one with the rings. Bruce Arians, to a certain degree, he’s just along for the ride. So is he the right coach for the Bucs to get to the Super Bowl? Hey, you could throw a lot of coaches in there. He doesn’t have to be the right coach because he’s just basically riding Tom Brady’s coattails. I hate to say it. That’s just what it is.”