PFF Analyst: There Are "A Ton Of Concerns" With Jordan Love


The Green Bay Packers made perhaps the most shocking pick of the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday, trading up from 30 to 25 to draft . . . quarterback Jordan Love?


“The biggest concern with Jordan Love is obviously the turnovers,” PFF NFL Draft analyst Austin Gayle said on The DA Show. “This guy had as many touchdowns as he did interceptions this past year, but it’s more than just touchdown-to-interception ratio. This guy is easily the most inaccurate quarterback of any of the top five quarterbacks in this class, especially when you filter down to open throws. When you look at his open throws, he’s more inaccurate than Justin Herbert, Tua Tagovailoa and Joe Burrow. He’s just very inconsistent in that regard. He’s a late-processor.”

So why on earth would the Packers trade up to draft him? Especially when they are coming off of a 13-3 season with Aaron Rodgers?

“If you watch Jordan Love’s five best throws, you get a little taste of Patrick Mahomes,” Gayle said. “He can do that off-platform, out-of-structure stuff that you see Patrick Mahomes does. He has 10-out-of-10 arm talent. This guy has a beautiful arm. He can do anything you want on the football field. The problem is his consistency. His five worst plays are some of the worst plays you’ll see at the collegiate level from the quarterback position – and he did it at Utah State in the Mountain West, not against top-flight competition. There are a ton of concerns with Jordan Love.”

But, as NFL fans know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

“All it takes is one – one quarterback coach, one front office – that thinks they can get those five best plays from Jordan Love all the time, that they can turn him into that next Patrick Mahomes,” Gayle said. “I think that’s what the Green Bay Packers think they can do by sitting Jordan Love behind Aaron Rodgers maybe for a year, maybe two, and developing him into this premier starter.”

It’s likely Love would sit at least two seasons behind Rodgers, which would give him time to acclimate to the NFL and the speed of the game. Perhaps Love develops into another top-flight Packers quarterback – Green Bay has had a couple of those over the years – but for now, the pick seems suspect, at best. 

“I think he’ll be a better quarterback, but will he be better enough to be worth this first-round pick?” Gayle asked. “That’s where you really have to decide was this worth it. Or would you have been smarter to build around Aaron Rodgers, maximize this admittedly tight window you have with this 36-year-old quarterback to win a Super Bowl? Maybe go get a wide receiver and help Aaron Rodgers win – not plan for the future after Aaron Rodgers.”