Tebow: Trevor Lawrence “will have leverage” over Jets

Trevor Lawrence
Photo credit USA Today Images

Tim Tebow knows what it’s like to play for the New York Jets – sort of. Tebow spent one season with the Jets and started two games in 2012. That year, though, allowed him to get a feel for the franchise.

So, Tim, what’s your advice for Trevor Lawrence if the Jets get the No. 1 pick?

“I think he’s got to do a lot of evaluation, a lot of prayer, a lot of talking to wise counsel, looking at a good situation and what that might be,” Tebow said on Tiki & Tierney. “It would be hearing from the Jets. What are their plans? How are they going to surround him?”

The supporting cast, of course, can make or break any QB prospect.

“I really am a huge believer that in college – but even more so in the NFL – your success is so much predicated on the system and what’s around you,” Tebow said. “When these quarterbacks are in the right system where the system fits who they are and how they play, how they can compete and how they can succeed – and they put good pieces around them – then guys do good. It’s crazy how that happens. But when they go into places where there’s turmoil and chaos and they don’t have good players around them, then guess what? They’re not as good. I think there’s been so many quarterbacks that had a chance of being good that weren’t put in a good system around them, that weren’t put in a position to succeed.”

On the flip side, you see what someone like Kliff Kingsbury has been able to do for Kyler Murray, who has thrown for 1,800+ yards, rushed for 400+ yards and scored 20 touchdowns (13 pass, seven rush) for Arizona (5-2) this season.

“We knew that he was going to put Kyler in a position to succeed,” Tebow said. “It took a little while, but now Kyler is flourishing, and they’re doing stuff that the NFL [hasn't] really ever done – and doing it so much differently. I love that.”

The Jets, meanwhile, haven’t made the playoffs since 2010 and are headed for their fifth straight losing season.

“I would really encourage Trevor to find out how are they going to use you? How are they going to support you?” Tebow said. “If I was him, I would genuinely try to evaluate everything and look at it with open eyes. Because he’s so good and he’s so talented and he’s a great prospect, he will have leverage.”