Vikings Analyst Hopes Trubisky Wins QB Job “So We Can Beat The Living Crap Out Of Him”


There’s only one quarterback competition in the NFC North, and it does not involve the Minnesota Vikings. That, however, didn’t stop Vikings radio analyst Greg Coleman from weighing in on the Bears' QB battle between Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles.

Coleman is very much pulling for Trubisky to beat out the former Super Bowl MVP.

His reasoning?

“I hope it’s Mitch so we can beat the living crap out of him,” Coleman said on Tiki & Tierney. “My [mom] said it’s a sorry dog that won’t wag its own tail. . . . You got to kick a dog when he’s down. I just don’t care. That’s going to be an interesting battle at quarterback in Chicago, [but] we’ve got enough things to worry about over in Minnesota than to worry about what’s in Chicago.”

The Vikings went 10-6 and made the playoffs last season. If they hope to win the division for the third time in six seasons – and the first time since 2017 – they will have to unseat Green Bay, which last year went 13-3 and reached the NFC Championship.

“The Packers are the team to beat because they are the reigning NFC North champions, so you’ve got to knock the head off,” Coleman said. “Aaron Rodgers, yeah, there’s some things that are going on up there [since the NFL Draft] – I [couldn’t] care less. I hope he’s unhappy. I really do. I think the Packers are the team to beat, but if we handle our business inside of our locker room, keep our guys healthy and stay focused on the goal at hand, I think the Vikings are in prime position to take that NFC North title and take another step into the playoffs.”