Dunne: 'This feels like it's a harder funk' for Rodgers, Packers to get out of


Aaron Rodgers downplayed the Green Bay Packers' ugly season-opening loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday in Jacksonville, expressing confidence in the team's ability to shake off the first of 17 games and bounce back.

But Rodgers' poor body language throughout the game left fans wondering whether the reigning league MVP is truly dedicated to competing this season. Of course, his offseason-long drama with the Packers didn't help the cause.

"We absolutely have to watch his emotions during the game. We know how he feels about the Packers," GoLongTD.com's Tyler Dunne told The DA Show on Wednesday. "So, when things get bad, when things aren't going the way he wants, how is he going to respond to that adversity in the moment? I think we're going to be watching every move of his the rest of the way.

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"Do things change? Maybe. He's had clunkers before, he's responded. This just feels different. This feels like it's a harder funk to get out of because we really know, big picture, what he thinks about the organization..."

Rodgers, from start to finish, looked overwhelmed by the Packers' struggles. He threw for just 133 yards with two interceptions, and his 36.8 passer rating was the fourth-lowest mark of his career. The 37-year-old also threw multiple interceptions without a touchdown in a single game for just the third time, and became the fifth reigning league MVP to throw zero touchdowns and multiple picks in a season opener.

Midway through the fourth quarter, Rodgers was benched for second-year backup Jordan Love. Although this decision was a precautionary measure -- the game was well out of hand -- the scene wasn't any less of a shock to football fans across the country. The Packers were outplayed and humiliated.

Green Bay (0-1) will look to right the ship against the Detroit Lions (0-1) on Monday, Sept. 20 at Lambeau Field. According to FiveThirtyEight projections, the Packers currently have a 54-percent chance to reach the playoffs, and a 47-percent chance to win the NFC North.

The entire NFL conversation between Dunne and DA can be accessed in the audio player above.

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