Rapoport: I Haven’t Talked to 1 Team that Has Zach Wilson over Trevor Lawrence

Ian Rapoport: I Haven’t Talked to 1 Team that Has Zach Wilson over Trevor Lawrence

Draft hot takes are plentiful around this time a year. Rather than discuss the obvious and leave less juice, more and more analysts of the NFL Draft seem to be either overthinking rankings or looking for reasons to doubt the obvious. The latest example is on going buzz that Zach Wilson out of BYU may be a better prospect than Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network joined The DA Show on Friday morning and clarified that at least the teams themselves, aren’t following in the draft analyst hot take world:

“We’ve seen teams make big bold moves early in the draft.
We’ve seen the Browns do that with Baker Mayfield, nobody was talking about him being a 1 pick until 2 days before the draft, so we have seen it to varying degrees.” Rapoport said.

“I will say being completely honest, I haven’t talked to anyone who doesn’t have Trevor Lawrence #1. I think a lot of people really, really like Zach Wilson… I just haven’t talked to anyone that doesn’t have Trevor #1, and most importantly Jacksonville has Trevor #1.” Rapoport added.

Russell Wilson’s unhappiness in Seattle is another NFL storyline that seemingly will not go away. Is Russell Wilson out of touch by not being happy with his current organization?

“I’m sure there is a nicer way of saying this, but it’s almost like he forgot what reality is like for most people because it is almost like he takes making the playoffs for granted. In reality being on a team that makes the playoffs 8 out of 9 years is pretty good.” Rapoport would go on to say, “We can talk about all the things Seattle does wrong, but we need to realize all the things they do right. They go for it.”

This wild off season, especially with quarterback movement continues, but if Ian Rapoport is right don’t expect any shocking news in Seattle or at the top of the draft.