Meltser: Texans are the “Worst Situation in All of Sports”

Mike Meltser: Texans are the “Worst Situation in All of Sports”

In a calendar year we have seen Bill O’Brien ruin the Texans roster, trade off DeAndre Hopkins, O’Brien himself get fired, team icon JJ Watt ask for and receive his release, and now current franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson demand out of Houston.

Things are beyond ugly for the NFL’s newest franchise, thanks to Cal McNair and Jack Easterby their current organization isn’t just ugly by NFL standards, but in all of professional sports.

Houston based media member Mike Meltser believes just that: “It’s really incredible. I think it’s the worst situation in all of professional sports, which is really saying something.”

Meltser would go on to say: “No team in NFL history has ever traded a 25-year-old Superstar quarterback, which it seems the Texans are ill-fated to do.”

Ownership is at the head of this problem, mainly Cal McNair’s trust in Jack Easterby.

“There are a lot of different HR allegations (in stories) on how players feel about Jack Easterby. There are a lot of these stories published and there has been no substantive response by the team, no substantive response by the NFL… that’s the part of me that is absolutely incredible to me that this has been allowed to happen.”

What the Texans actually do with Deshaun Watson is anyone’s guess at this point, but one way or another the franchise appears headed to botch this situation like they have everything else over the past year.