Tiki & Tierney discuss Packers' embarrassing season-opening loss


Perhaps Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers aren't scheduled to begin their 'Last Dance' mission until the second week of the regular season, since the team's opening-weekend performance was outright ugly.

Whether or not an offseason hangover lingered, the Packers couldn't have looked more unprepared to play on Sunday, as they were annihilated by the New Orleans Saints, 38-3, on a neutral field in Jacksonville. To make matters even worse, Rodgers threw for just 133 yards with two interceptions, and his body language was discouraging.

"The thing that bothered me about Aaron Rodgers, it's interesting how indifferent, how apathetic, how detached [he looked]," Tierney said during Monday's edition of the Tiki and Tierney show. "Up until a week ago, he was still talking about the fracture within the franchise. Rodgers looked awful, and worst of all, he looked as if he didn't care... Like he just parachuted in, like it wasn't his No. 1 priority to be the Packers' quarterback. And it showed."

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Rodgers, from start to finish, looked disoriented. His 36.8 passer rating was the fourth-lowest mark on his career. He threw multiple interceptions without a touchdown pass in a single game for just the third time. And according to ESPN Stats & Info, the 37-year-old became the fifth reigning league MVP in NFL history to throw zero touchdowns and multiple picks in a season opener.

Midway through the fourth quarter, Rodgers was benched for second-year backup quarterback Jordan Love. Although the decision had more to do with preserving his health than punishing poor play, the scene wasn't any less of a shock to football fans.

"There's chemistry built by having an idea of who your teammates are, and understanding everybody's on the same page," Tiki said. "None of that was ever established with the Packers before training camp... There was never that bonding, at least from the outside looking in. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's what it looked like in Week 1. You can be great, you can be the greatest there ever was. You can never parachute in and just think it's going to work."

Green Bay (0-1) will host the Detroit Lions (0-1) in a Week 2 matchup on Monday, Sept. 20. According to FiveThirtyEight's projections, the Packers currently have a 53-percent chance to reach the playoffs and a 46-percent chance to win the NFC North.

Tiki and Tierney's complete thoughts on Rodgers and the Packers can be accessed in the audio player above.

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