Kari Pearce, Cross-Fit Champion: “Tom Brady’s Nutrition is Reason For His Continued Success”

“Tom Brady’s Nutrition is Reason For His Continued Success”

Some may roll their eyes when hearing Tom Brady discuss the “TB-12 Method,” and his nutrition leading to him playing into his 40’s. For athletes in fitness sports such as the Cross-Fit games this is very much a believable theory.

Kari Pearce is a 6-Time competitor in the Cross-Fit games and has won America’s Fittest Female Athlete three times. She joined The DA Show and explained why her and brady are similar in the way they take care of their bodies:

“Tom Brady is very in it and that is part of the reason why he is so successful at his age.” Pearce said. “For me eating clean is not only for how I look but for performance especially at the Cross-Fit games… everyone is trying to be that 1% better similar to Tom Brady vs everyone in the NFL.
Staying on point with my nutrition is very huge.”

It is never too late to lose weight, get in shape, and stop complaining about fast food orders for Mother’s Day breakfasts on Twitter. Kari Pearce took time away from Tom Brady hate to let everyone know there is something to keeping your body healthy that we can all respect from both her and the greatest quarterback of all-time.