P!nk talks mom life and how Drew Barrymore inspired her with Drew: Listen now

'I feel like Drew is my sister from another parallel universe'
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Drew Barrymore joined forces with P!nk to discuss their friendship and parenting perspectives on her February 27th talk show, which has now been adapted into a podcast.

Listen Now: P!nk on How Singing Saved Her Life: The Drew Barrymore Show

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As co-hosts for a day on The Drew Barrymore Show, P!nk and Drew reminisced on how they met, working together on Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, and how they’ve been friends since. And it’s obvious why, as both of their bubbly yet down to earth characteristics shine through. Talking about their perfectly fitting personalities, P!nk said, “I feel like Drew is my sister from another parallel universe, I’ve always felt that way.” Even from an outside perspective, their similarities are undeniable. Both the actress and singer have been very open about their troubled backgrounds in Hollywood and how they’ve changed for the better, especially with motherhood. “When I had my kids, all of a sudden I couldn’t ‘play’ anyone else,” Drew said. “I think I needed to be my kid’s mom, like, that mission felt so clear.”

They discussed how neither envisioned themselves as mothers, especially given both their tumultuous upbringings of partying at nine. “What can I tell myself when I’m afraid that my kids will do some of the stuff I did?” Drew poses to P!nk. “Um… that Xanax is available?” Pink jokes, with Drew roaring in laughter. “I mean, we made it… the kids are gonna be alright, because they can borrow some of our knowledge, have some of their own, and we have open conversations about life.”

On the lack of a parenting “blueprint,” P!nk told Drew, “The problem with us is that we wanna get it right so badly, because we know what it feels like to be the kid where it didn’t go right. But none of us know anything about what we’re doing.” Ultimately, she says, the only way to avoid that anxiety is to take it day by day and adjust for each child’s needs.

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