Sam Smith is serving floral delights with their new ‘Love Goes’ Instagram filter

'Tag me in your Instagram videos'
Sam Smith
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By , Audacy

Now that Sam Smith’s album has arrived, the megastar is giving us matching Love Goes Instagram filters that will fulfill your floral fantasies.

On Twitter, Smith shared a video of themself lip-syncing along to the beautifully melancholic “Kids Again” as dainty yellow blossoms poured down the screen. They tweet, “I want to see you all using my #LoveGoes filter with your favorite tracks.” Plus, Sam adds, “tag me in your Instagram videos.”

Additionally, Smith tweeted that they will be giving us a “series of mini albums” due to the success and outpour of admiration for Love Goes. “I've decided to create a series of mini albums using music from the record, the first one is called Roses are Red and brings together songs that are positive and offer a sense of optimism.”

Finally, Sam reiterates, “I hope these new mini albums will allow you to experience the music in a different way and bring new meaning to the tracks.”

In a time when it’s been especially weird to release music, all Smith wants is to give fans a record that feels like a “friend.” In a tweet when they first released the album, the “Diamonds” singer shares, “This is a celebration of youth and music and singing like a drama queen. I love you all eternally x.”

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