Special edition: Coronavirus – what you need to know

Military Matters Podcast

By Ben Bateman | Stars and Stripes

In this special episode of Military Matters, hosts Rod Rodriguez and Desmon Farris shed light on the coronavirus that is causing major upheaval around the globe.

What is the coronavirus? Is it as deadly as the flu? What does it look like if you have it? How is it impacting the DOD community?

U.S. Army emergency room doctor Dr. Kamal Kalsi, reporter Elizabeth Howe from the online news organization Connecting Vets, and Max Brooks, the author of “World War Z,” share their expertise and research to explain why the virus is causing concern, what the military and the VA are doing to respond to it, the reasons for its rapid spread and the ways it can make the military vulnerable.

Listen to find out how this virus will affect our military and military families, what it has to do with information warfare, and how you can do your part to help combat what the World Health Organization has declared a pandemic.

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