Wilkie wants answers in light of homicide investigation at WV VA hospital

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VA Secretary Robert Wilkie is calling for an inspector general to hurry up and release details on the suspicious deaths of at least 10 veterans at a VA hospital in West Virginia.

"I'm asking that he finally end his investigation so we can get the answers that these families deserve," Wilkie said. "It looks to me like they've been the victims of a crime, but we haven't received those conclusions from the criminal authorities."

Wednesday, just days after the Department of Veterans Affairs announced an investigation into 'suspicious' deaths at the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center in Clarksburg, a second family has come forward saying their veteran family member's death there was a homicide. 

According to NPR, Norma Shaw received an autopsy report from the Armed Forces medical examiner that found her 81-year-old veteran husband died of an unnecessary insulin injection. Shaw's lawyer, David Glover, told NPR that George Nelson Shaw Sr. was exhumed in January. The resulting report discussed "a severe hypoglycemic event" — the same cause of death discovered during Felix Kirk McDermott's autopsy. 

This veteran's death at a VA hospital was ruled a homicide — and there could be ten more

Vietnam veteran Felix Kirk McDermott died at the Medical Center from a fatal dose of insulin in April 2018. His daughter, Melanie Proctor, told USA Today that investigators told her his death was one of about 10 the agency was reviewing and that all received "suspicious" doses of insulin

Now, VA is investigating. 

"We actually are learning what we know from the media," Wilkie complained in an interview on Fox News. "It's time for the Inspector General, who's not controlled by me or the White House, to finally end this investigation."

Officials investigate 10 'suspicious' deaths at West Virginia VA hospital

A statement released by VA Inspector General Michael J. Missal read that his office "has been working with our federal law enforcement partners to investigate the allegations of potential wrongdoing resulting in patient deaths at the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center in Clarksburg, West Virginia."

The statement did not share any additional information regarding the investigation.

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