Women's Veterans Interactive ensures female vets voices are heard

Three women, Ginger Miller center
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Female veterans, move to the front of the line.

As the nation celebrates the accomplishments of women in March, the mission of the Women’s Veterans Interactive is to make sure the contributions of female veterans aren’t overlooked.

“I realized as a female veteran myself that I felt I was in the background,” said WVI founder and Navy veteran Ginger Miller.

Miller gets especially emotional when she talks about female veterans who may be the most overlooked – those who are homeless.

And, Miller knows what’s she’s talking about when it comes to female veteran homelessness. Miller was homeless herself for a while caring for her husband, a veteran who was diagnosed with PTSD.

“I ultimately worked three jobs,” she said. “I promised myself that once I was back on my feet, I would do something for veterans.”

WVI was born out of that promise in 2011.  WVI is dedicated to serving and supporting women veterans while meeting them at their point of need – no matter what that need happens to be, Miller said.

“We have one of the biggest reaches of women’s veterans organizations in the country today,” she said.

WVI’s Operation Safety Net provides emergency funding to assist female veterans facing homelessness. To help transitioning female veterans enter the civilian job market as they leave the service, WVI offers employment readiness workshops.

“Many women veterans have a difficult time finding employment or are underemployed when they leave the service, and that can lead to them becoming homeless,” she said.

Miller herself was recently honored as one of the VA’s 15 Women Trailblazers for 2019.

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“We are right where the female veteran is and hold her in the palm of our hand,” said Miller.

To learn more about WVI, visit its website.

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