Friends raise money for Navy vet after she is left injured and her spouse killed by a drunk driver

Clint and Tiffany
Photo credit Courtesy of Robb W.

On Memorial Day weekend, CW4 (ret.) Clint Palmquist drove 2 1/2 hours to pick up his girlfriend, Navy veteran Tiffany Campbell, at the airport in Los Angeles.

On the way home, a drunk driver jumped the median and barreled down on the pair's vehicle. Clint, who had taken many defensive driving courses during his military service, apparently intentionally swerved the vehicle to try and save Tiffany from impact, his friend Robb W. told Connecting Vets.

Tiffany survived with a broken spine and sternum. However, Clint died in the seat next to her.

As a friend of the couple, Robb Wasmuth started a GoFundMe page for Tiffany. He did it, "for Tiff, get her back to a place where she can be independent and not go into crazy debt," Wasmuth told Connecting Vets. Clint was really her whole life according to Wasmuth and now she needs her friends and fellow veterans to help support her.

The point of the GoFundMe campaign is to help pay Tiffany's medical bills and get her the rehabilitation she is going to need to recover from the crash. To date, Robb and generous donors have raised over $56,000 to help her.

If you would like to get involved, donations can be made here.

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