Former Special Forces, CIA officers work to help Afghan allies immigrate to U.S.

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This week Badger 6 held a charity dinner at the New York Athletic Club to raise money for Afghan refugees who worked with the initial CIA and Special Forces teams that were inserted into Afghanistan after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Former Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet and a member of one of the initial CIA teams in Afghanistan, David Tyson were guest speakers at the event which was moderated by Special Forces officer Justin Sapp who was also on Alpha Team.

The event was to benefit Badger 6, a non-profit dedicated to working with the Afghan Northern Alliance fighters who worked with America to defeat the Taliban. From their perspective, these guys helped us so now they want to help them and their families immigrate to the United States.

Other members of the Badger 6 team were present at the event including Shannon Spann, a former CIA officer and widow of Mike Spann who was the first casualty in Afghanistan. Mark Nutsch, who also attended the dinner, led ODA 595, now made famous as the horse soldiers depicted in books and films.

Badger 6 is looking to help a few dozen families still in Afghanistan, and others living as refugees in Pakistan and Uzbekistan. As they described it, Badger 6 is not intended to be a long-running organization that does fundraisers, but has a very narrow specific purpose, helping Afghan families who helped CIA and Special Forces teams during the invasion. Sapp pointed out that they foresee their mission being complete in a few years, but need the American public's help and support.

There are numerous ways to donate to the cause by visiting the Badger 6 website and clicking the donate button.

(Lead photo is of the author with Justin Sapp at the event. The author had nothing to do with the invasion, but was at the event to support the cause.)

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