Photo credit Audacy

We know the pandemic has changed EVERYTHING. We hope to lift your spirits as the 17th Annual Woodsquawk Music & Arts Festival is the ONE festival that CAN'T be canceled. As the Concert in Your Mind returns, with nearly 100 of Classic Rock’s greatest acts performing for all of Sacramento.

Tickets are IMPOSSIBLE to come by, but you can HEAR the whole weekend of live Classic Rock on 96.9 The Eagle or via our Audacy app. So, bring your radio or streaming device, and this concert event, with you all Memorial Day Weekend (Friday 5/27 - Sunday 5/29). You’ll enjoy listening to your favorite artists and bands, as they take you to another place in your mind through, concert performances, and the colorful radio broadcasts by your local Eagle hosts/friends. Raise your hands in rhythm, at Woodsquawk 2022, with Sacramento’s Classic Rock!

Head to the MERCH 'tent' to download your own Woodsquawk 2022 Poster and VIP Badge!