Are you smarter than Katie?

Test your knowledge and go against the Wake Up Call in this morning trivia game.
Are you smarter than Katie?
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Tune in with the Wake Up Call for a chance to challenge Katie in 'Are You Smarter Than Katie?' and a chance to win $20 or more in digital Visa Gift Cards! Each day someone ties or is NOT smarter than Katie the jackpot increases by $20, so you could score $20, $100, or even $1,000 for being SMARTER than Katie!

*excludes weekends and holidays

Contest Dates:

January 9, 2023 at 6:00am PT through June 30, 2023 at 10:00pm PT

For the Are Your Smarter Than Katie? on-air contest, listen to the station each weekday, excluding holidays [January 17, 2023, February 20, 2023, May 29, 2023], starting at approximately 6:00AM (PT) and ending at approximately 10:00AM (PT) starting on January 9, 2023 and ending on June 30, 2023 for the cue to call. Upon hearing the cue to call, the designated number caller (as announced by the on-air talent prior to the cue to call) to get through to the station contest line at (916) 909-1065, will be given the opportunity to answer five (5) trivia questions. The designated on-air talent will also have the opportunity to answer the same five (5) trivia questions. If the designated caller answers fewer questions correctly or ties with the designated on-air talent, no prize will be awarded and the jackpot will roll over to the next day. If the designated caller answers more trivia questions correctly than the designated on-air talent, the designated caller will receive, upon verification of eligibility, the current jackpot. If the designated caller wins, the jackpot will start over at $20 and the contest will continue until the sooner of: (i) the maximum amount of $1,280.00 in the aggregate has been awarded in this Contest; (ii) or until June 30, 2023. The jackpot will start at $20 and will increase by an increment of $20 each time the designated caller loses or ties with the designated on-air talent. The maximum amount of each prize is $1,280.00 and the minimum amount of each prize is $20.00. The amount of the jackpot will be announced on-air by the station prior to each cue to call. There could be a potential minimum of 0 prizes and a maximum of 64 prizes awarded in this Contest. Prizes will be awarded in the form of digital Visa Gift Cards. An individual may only win once. Winner(s) may be required to complete station documents prior to claiming final prize. Otherwise, KUDL’s General Contest Rules apply and can be found HERE.