Kesha's mom explains why she put a Jeffrey Dahmer lyric in a Kesha song

@pebesebert Some context on the lyric that’s bothering people 12 years later. All opinions are valid. Not meant to shut anyone down, just more info #jeffreydahmer #kesha #cannibal #dahmer ♬ Cannibal - Ke$ha

Kesha's mom had to do some damage control on TikTok after backlash for including a lyric about Jeffrey Dahmer in Kesha's song "Cannibal."

Pebe Sebert (Kesha's mom) is a songwriter that helped write a lot of Kesha's songs, including the one in question. She went on TikTok to address the lyric, "Be too sweet and you'll be a goner / Yeah, I'll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer."

Her video starts off with big text saying, "I wrote the Jeffrey Dahmer lyric in Kesha's 'Cannibal.'" Pebe explains that Kesha and the other songwriter "were too young to even know who Jeffrey Dahmer was." She explained how her songwriting software suggested "Jeffrey Dahmer" as a rhyme for "goner."

While I see why there's controversy over this song following the release of the Dahmer Netflix series, I wasn't aware of the controversy until I came across Pebe's video. I'm assuming she posted it to take responsibility so that Kesha wasn't cancelled for it.

Watch the full video above.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Christopher Polk / Staff / Getty Images