These are your horoscopes for Friday, July 16


I've got new horoscopes for you every weekday at 5:40 p.m. PDT, and below are your horoscopes for every sign for Friday, July 16, 2021.

Cancer: You're overthinking a decision that you'll need to make regarding a romantic relationship or something related to your dating life. This is likely something so trivial that it's ridiculous that you're even thinking about it at all - like, what you should have for dinner. You're torn between two or more options when you shouldn't be. Make a quick decision and move on, and this will make your life so much easier. Your day is a 4.

Leo: Just when you felt like life couldn't get even crazier, the Universe is really about to step up its game in throwing curveballs your way. Something MAJOR is bubbling behind the scenes, and it's only a matter of time before this opportunity presents itself. There will be a series of interviews of some sort, whether it's a job or a lot of back-and-forth correspondence with someone, possibly a Capricorn. Your day is a 9.

Virgo: You'll finally begin to see eye-to-eye with someone that you frequently disagree with. This increased level of understanding on your part helps open the door to more bonding with this person on some level. This feels to be either a friend of a friend, or a coworker of yours that you just haven't really been super close with. Things are about to change. Your day is a 6.

Libra: You've found yourself in a tough position of negotiation with someone. You feel slighted, but luckily the other party is willing to work with you moving forward on an agreement that you're both happy with. Make sure you fully understand the terms of your agreement, whether it's a legally-binding contract or a simple verbal agreement between you and a friend. Your day is a 3.

Scorpio: You're feeling nostalgic about the past and how things used to be. "Things" today, however, are not at all what they used to be. Trust that the Universe is working in your favor and anything that's happening to you is happening for your highest good. Your day is a 7.

Sagittarius: You tried your best and gave it your all, and at the end of the day, there's nothing else you could've done differently. You know the exact situation I'm talking about. That door is closed, and while you continue to process what just happened, good karma is on its way to you very soon. What's stopping that positive energy flow in is your own self restriction and self doubt. Work on that over the weekend. Your day is a 6.

Capricorn: You'll find yourself in somewhat of an awkward situation over the weekend, but it'll turn out to be a surprisingly fun time. For example, you may have plans to go out with friends and they end up bailing or you find yourself alone at a party with people you don't really know...but you decide to have fun anyway and make the most of your weekend. You may even end up making a new friend or two, and for sure a fun experience at the very least. Your day is an 8.

Aquarius: You'll encounter a situation that turns out to be way better than expected. You're probably anticipating the outcome to work against you, when in reality, it's actually going to work FOR you in a major way. Keep an open mind. Your day is a 10.

Pisces: You're in the right headspace to manifest abundance in many different forms into your life right now. Something tragic happened to you earlier in the year and you're ready to move on completely from this situation for a fresh start. Live, breathe, eat, sleep, and pray abundance, and it will follow. I know this is a few months away, but there's a major development coming in the Scorpio time frame (around mid-October to mid-November). Your day is a 9.

Aries: You're involved in making a major change that affects other people, and you're having a difficult time separating your heart from this decision. This torn, anxious feeling demonstrates just how beautiful and caring of a person you are deep down. However, at the end of the day, this is a business-related decision that you'll be having to make and you need to be able to compartmentalize each area of your life so they don't overlap or conflict. Your day is a 4.

Taurus: A forbidden romance is beginning to manifest in your life, and you're not mad about it. Either you or this other person has some sort of authority in the dynamic, which makes things complicated. Your day is an 8.

Gemini: Everyone around you has seemed too busy to care about your needs, but you'll finally get your opportunity to speak and express your concerns. This conversation is far from over, however. Heading into the weekend, you'll need to document everything you want to talk about with your team or confidantes so you can start next week strong. Your day is a 7.