These are your water sign horoscopes for Tuesday, June 15


Below are horoscopes for water signs! If you have water sign placements elsewhere in your chart, these can apply to you as well. For air sign horoscopes, go here.

Cancer: You're still hung up on a past relationship or job that you were really passionate about that ended in the past year. While the change and grief is causing a lot of continued anxiety for you, you also have dreams and aspirations for your future that you can see in the distance. You dream of adventure, spontaneity, and maybe even travel. A move to a different geographic location is on the horizon, particularly one that requires long-distance travel. This doesn't mean you'll necessarily have to move, but you'll have the choice to within the next six months. Your day is a 7.

Scorpio: You decide enough's enough and you're ready to speak up about something today, only to be met with an influx of haters and trolls that disagree with you. They're gonna have their reasons for hating, and it's going to feel like a surprise for you at first. However, you must stand firm in your beliefs and be prepared to back yourself. You might even find yourself in an argument or discussion about something and you're unable to have facts or a strong enough response as to why you believe or feel a certain way, and you feel a bit defeated in the process. In that case, be prepared for the next time you discuss that topic or belief so you come off as more informed and ready to defend yourself. Your day is an 8.

Pisces: A work opportunity you previously said no to will circle back around in your life, eager to see if you'll reconsider your decision. This employer or business partner WANTS you to join them, and this is a really great spot to be in because you can likely negotiate terms that make you really happy. Ultimately the choice is yours whether you want to reconsider the job or not, but it's on its way within the next nine months or less, and it's likely in a different geographic location than where you are currently. Your day is a 10.

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