These are your horoscopes to get you through the weekend of Friday, September 30

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These are your horoscopes for every sign to get you through the week of Friday, September 30, 2022! Get horoscopes weekdays at 5:40 p.m. on 106.5 The End.

Libra: Being upfront and honest with yourself (and others) about what YOU want is key to manifesting the most desirable outcome for you. There was a new moon in your sign this past weekend that will help aid you in manifesting relationships and partnerships that are more aligned with your vision, which will in turn help you manifest.

Scorpio: As hard as this is to do, you need to surrender to the process and go with the flow. Once you let go of control, energy will begin to flow. If you're a visual person, what may help you out is writing down a list of the things that ARE within your control, versus things that are NOT within your control. Anything on the "can't control" list isn't (and shouldn't be) your concern.

Sagittarius: Be wary of something's perceived value, especially if there's low cost attached to it. You get what you pay for, especially in this scenario. Quality isn't going to come with a cheap price tag. Make sure you're fully aware of what the return and refund policies are (and if those policies even exist) before giving your money to anyone.

Capricorn: Being honest with a trusted source about something that's been bothering you will bring a sense of relief and closure. This is something you never thought you'd get closure on, but you'll be surprised by how much peace you feel just by sharing your private thoughts. You WILL be heard and supported when you live authentically.

Aquarius: Bringing positivity and abundance into your life is going to require work on your end, beyond just manifesting. Think of this as "active manifesting," all the effort and labor you're investing into yourself, this project, a new job, whatever it is you're trying to bring into your life. Yes, it's gonna feel like your butt's getting kicked sometimes. It's not an easy road, but the work is necessary. Whenever you feel yourself slipping back into thinking negatively, reframe your perspective by looking at the bigger picture from all angles.

Pisces: You like to think that you thrive in a fast-paced environment (and maybe normally you do), but right now...that's not the type of environment that best suits you. And that's okay! You're experiencing burnout for a reason - this is it. Take time to rest and, if you absolutely have to keep working at a fast pace, take time to get more organized. Organized chaos can only get you so far for so long...take a mental reset and get back to work.

Aries: You won't have to be worried about being trapped or held back for too much longer. A lot of your anxiety you've been experiencing is triggered by FOMO and opportunities going to other people around you. Instead of feeling bummed or jealous of other people getting those opportunities, be happy for them and understand that your time is coming. After all, they most likely felt the same way you do now before getting those opportunities.

Taurus: You're gonna have a GREAT reason to celebrate soon, especially if you're in the middle of contract negotiations or if there are pending legal matters. The past month has felt frustrating with Mercury Retrograde, so a lot of momentum has felt lost. But, it HASN'T been lost. After this weekend, progress is going to pick up speed again and you WILL see a resolution you're happy with when it's all said and done.

Gemini: The Universe is having you surrender to someone else's process, which involves having A LOT of patience. Your ability to move forward hinges on a decision that hasn't even been made yet, and unfortunately it's not your decision to make. Once this decision is made, though, you'll be able to move on pretty quickly and get things done. That sense of relief is going to feel amazing and make all this waiting very worth it.

Cancer: If you're in the interview process for a new job, or you're wanting to move on from your current role to pursue something else, the next six weeks are looking REALLY good for you. New opportunity is about to present itself to you, and you'll also be closing the door on an old chapter of your life. There's something about your past or current situation that's completely drained you - spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and maybe even physically or financially. With this opportunity, you'll be able to move on from this situation and leave the heartache behind.

Leo: There's something or someone in your life that you know isn't good for you, and you've already played around with the idea of walking away from this person or thing. The toxicity or dysfunction of this situation isn't news to you, but take this as confirmation that you're on the right path and your intuition is validated.

Virgo: Other people are expecting you to stay back and not pursue your hopes and dreams. They want to see you miserable, and it's important that you remember this is a reflection of THEM...NOT an outcome you need to have in your life. When you push forward and do what YOU want, and what makes YOU happy, you'll find yourself in a situation that makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

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