These are your horoscopes to get you through the weekend of Friday, January 21

Aquarius astrology symbol
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Below are your horoscopes for the week to get you through the weekend of Friday, January 21, 2022. Get horoscopes weekdays at 5:40 p.m. on 106.5 The End!

Aquarius: You are actively manifesting abundance into your life in major ways. While your social calendar is filling up quickly heading into your season, always remember that it's OK to take a break, slow down, and reclaim some alone time to yourself if you need it. Magic is happening, and it can be exhausting if you let it get the best of you.

Pisces: By allowing yourself to feel your feelings, you've opened the door for action to take place. You've planted the seed, and now you can watch the fruit grow. Set boundaries when collaborating with others toward a common goal, and make sure to check in frequently to ensure everyone's on the same page.

Aries: You feel like you've hit a wall when it comes to finding answers for your mental health and why you feel the way that you feel. It may be time to search for a different therapist or a new approach to the way you show up in therapy. Or, if you haven't sought any kind of help yet, explore your options.

Taurus: It seems like lately you've been making all sorts of sacrifices and leaving behind old ideas or beliefs you'd held onto for so long...when will the change ever end? Keep in mind that this change is a good thing, and it's getting you ready for the next phase of your life. You'll face many more challenges, some that you're not yet ready for. These sacrifices and endings are preparing you for that point in your life, when you're ready for them.

Gemini: You believe that, under other circumstances, your life would be easier and you would feel happier. But under the circumstances you're currently in, happiness is going to be a mindset you need to choose. Not only do you need to choose happiness, but you need to put actions behind that choice to truly benefit yourself. Come up with a plan, follow it, and readjust along the way if need be.

Cancer: You have so much to celebrate right now in life, even if it doesn't feel that way. Much of this sadness stems from the belief that you cannot express your emotions regarding career; while it may be in your best interest to privately process those emotions, don't feel bad about releasing that pent up energy when you're at home alone or with people that you trust. You don't give yourself enough credit for the hard work you've been putting in. Begin by allowing yourself to feel.

Leo: By trying to rush the process of something, you're creating friction with other people. This is a reflection of an issue that you struggle with internally, and it's causing you to feel more reclusive than usual. Instead of putting the burden of unnecessary stress on yourself, try to look inward for clarity and deeper meaning.

Virgo: An ending happened for a reason. As much as it hurts to think about, even if a lot of time has passed, you're in a better situation than you'd be if this never ended. This change has made you stronger and you continue to grow from it, even without realizing it. Use it to your advantage to grow.

Libra: Something you were already told "no" to is not yet out of the question. You wanted this to be the outcome, however, the people involved just weren't ready for this phase to occur. Continue to live your life and be the best you can be, because the Universe is shifting things back into your favor so you can move on with your life the way you envisioned. Don't force it - attract it. Be patient and put in work on yourself.

Scorpio: To put it so simply, you are the one that got away...and they realize it. Perhaps too much time has passed and you're at a different place in life - that's fine. In that case, you can rest knowing that they regret their decision. If the wound is more fresh, perhaps this isn't over. Ultimately you have the power to decide what you want the outcome to be, but don't feel pressured to rush this along. Take your time to heal and be your best self.

Sagittarius: Dreaming big will take you far right now. Having the highest ambitions and reaching for the stars will work in your favor, and even if you don't get EVERYTHING you're asking the Universe for, you're actively attracting major things into your life by doing so. Right now, there's no such thing as "asking for too much."

Capricorn: You're failing to acknowledge a very important message that the Universe is trying to show you. You are seeing the signs, but not actually paying attention to the synchronicities around you. There's something you need to know - listen up.