These are your Valentine's Day 2023 Horoscopes for air signs

Aquarius constellation
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What does your zodiac sign need to know for Valentine's Day 2023? Find out with these horoscopes for air signs and air sign placements for Valentine's Day season 2023, and get horoscopes weekdays at 5:40 p.m. on 106.5 The End!

Aquarius: Just because the holiday of all things love is almost here doesn't mean everything is sunshine and daisies for everyone, as is the case for you. There's not an equal give-and-take in your relationship (or with prospective partners, if single). Have patience and also set firm boundaries with yourself as well as your partner or whoever you're dating. Your word of the week is space.

Gemini: Long term plans and the future are on your mind this Valentine's Day. A proposal may be a strong possibility if you're partnered. If you're single, you'll experience breakthroughs on what your true values are long-term. Your word of the week is commitment.

Libra: Don't be afraid to open up to your partner about your deepest desires. It's time to express your needs and communicate together how to satisfy them. Remember to be respectful if it's not their thing, but you definitely need to find a healthy way to express yourself this Valentine's Day. Your word of the week is pleasure.

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