A guide to HoTD characters and 2022 MLB playoff teams


This October should be one of the most anticipated installments of the calendar's 10th month in quite a while. There will be tons of action, drama, intensity and clutch moments. Heroes will rise, villains will aim to take them down. Long-lasting memories will be forged. Also the MLB Playoffs will be happening, and those are usually fun, too.

The above drama I was alluding to encompasses the newest hit show on HBO: House of the Dragon. If you have been following the show (and based on the ratings there is a good chance that you have) this October will bring about three intense, gut-wrenching episodes that will likely spawn twice as many questions and answers, forcing you to wait until NEXT AUGUST to get any sort of closure.

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The MLB Playoffs however, will not force you to wait so long to get your results. In fact, in less than 30 days, we will have a new (or repeating) champion in baseball, as well as a new monarch on the Iron Throne (You gave it a good run, Viserys. Give yourself a hand… or maybe a pat on the back). While I cannot help you pick between The Greens and The Blacks, I can possibly help you find a team to root for this month (assuming your team is NOT in the playoffs, shoutout my fellow Giants fans) based on who your favorite character is in HoTD.

This will be in alphabetical order to eliminate any potential bias for a character or team, and I will do my best to omit any spoilers.

Alicent Hightower – St. Louis Cardinals

The uber righteous choice, doing things the proper way and expecting the results to be in their favor. They claim to be in the right and expect everyone to fall in behind them. Neither is believed in at all though even though they absolutely should be getting the benefit of the doubt.

Corlys Velaryon – New York Mets

Rich, powerful, tons of resources, yet you cannot help but feel they are both cursed and doomed to come away empty handed and bitterly disappointed.

Criston Cole – Los Angeles Dodgers

Literally just the worst. No one likes them, no one wants to see them win and we are counting down the days until we see both fall flat on their faces so we can squeal with joy. Just so much suck here.

Daemon Targaryen – New York Yankees

The bad boy you don’t want to root for and has had trouble finishing the job so to speak in the past. But at the same time, you have to admit that seeing them win would be… at least interesting.

Harold Westerling – Toronto Blue Jays

Through seven episodes, regardless if you are Team Green or Team Black, we can all agree that the only character who has been endearing to all is the badass Commander of the Kings Guard who in no way, shape or form is getting the screentime they deserve. Like Ser Harold, it is kind of hard to root against the Blue Jays, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is his own level of badass who is not on the screen enough.

Harwin Strong – Atlanta Braves

Known as “Breakbones,” Lord Strong is considered one of the strongest fighters in Westeros, and the Braves, the defending World Series Champions, may be the strongest team in the field. No one wants to admit the obvious truth surrounding them either. For the Braves it is that they may be the favorites this month. Hopefully the Braves handle the heat a little better though.

Laenor Velaryon – San Diego Padres

Both popular and easy to root for, even though no one gives them a chance to reach the top and their success are basically dismissed for various reasons that boil down to “cannot perform well enough when it matters.”

Larys Strong – Tampa Bay Rays

Just kind of awkwardly standing in the corner and drawing no attention, no one is paying them any mind even though there is a good chance they might be the most dangerous in the field.

Otto Hightower – Seattle Mariners

After a long absence from The Big Show, both are back and they do not intend to create chaos as they ascend further and further up the ladder. No matter how fat the Mariners get this October, they will most certainly be desiring more meals in the future.

Rhaenys Velaryon – Cleveland Guardians

Both are known more for the titles they do not have rather than the ones they do. The Queen Who Never Was gave up on the throne a long time ago, right around the same time Cleveland fans gave up hope of their team ever winning another World Series.

Rhaneyra Targaryen – Houston Astros

Entitled, arrogant, flouts the rules and never is forced to deal with the consequences for flouting those rules while those who do it right go crazy over the fact that they keeping getting away with this blatant cheating. Both were forced into face saving matches: Dusty Baker for the Astros and Laenor Velaryon for Rhaneyra.

Viserys Targayen – Philadelphia Phillies

Right at the beginning, both are showing signs of falling apart and are most likely not long for this world. King Viserys has been losing pieces of himself since the show started, and the Phillies have been breaking down ever since the start of September, going 13-17 in the season’s final 30 games. Would you be shocked if neither was around come Monday morning?

Who you choose to root for this October is of course totally up to you, just as your favorite character is completely subjective. We will not judge you for your choices in this matter, unless you are a Criston Cole/ Dodgers fan, in which I am sorry, but you’re the worst and I hope you lose.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Eric Espada/Getty Images