LeBron James was invited to try out for Cowboys, Seahawks in 2011: 'I would have made the team'


The thought of how LeBron James would have fared as a football player is always an intriguing one that brings debate, but in 2011 it almost came to fruition.

The Los Angeles Lakers star revealed in a recent interview with The Athletic that he received invitations from the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks to attend try out during the 2011 NBA lockout.

James did not accept the offer, but he admits he “seriously considered” it and knew exactly what would have happened had he done so.

“I would have made the team,” he said. “I would have tried out, but I would have made the team. One thing about it, I don’t mind working for something, so if I would have had to try out for the Cowboys or the Seahawks, or if I’d have stayed home and went back home to Cleveland, I’d have tried, but I would have made the team.

“I just know what I’m capable of doing on the football field. Especially at that age.”

James, a member of the Miami Heat at this time, was 26 years old and had not played since his junior year of high school but he started adjusting his training and began running routes.

He eventually had to be talked out of it by his inner circle.

What James could have been as a football player is still a mystery.

He was a star wide receiver in high school and received recruitment letters from Florida State, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan, Florida and South Carolina to name a few.

He even mentions being recruited by a familiar name who was then the wide receivers coach at Notre Dame.

“Urban Meyer recruited me,” he said. “I think at the time he was the wide receiver coach at Notre Dame. So yeah, I was getting recruited by all the big-time schools.”

As the story goes, James did not play football his senior year due to a wrist injury he sustained in the summer during his AAU basketball season and eventually would be drafted by the Cavs out of high school.

James wants to become a team owner after basketball, but that was not always his post-NBA dream.

“I always talked about how cool it would be to be a high school football coach,” he said. “Be it a head coach or an offensive coordinator. Some Andy Reid-type s—t where I’m making crazy plays. I just love the sport. I watch it all the time. It’ just in me. It’s how I grew up.”

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