Washington's cheerleaders learned from Twitter they were out of a job


Even when the Washington Football Team tries to do good, things have a way of going very, very bad.

On Wednesday, Washington announced it would be discontinuing its cheerleader program after 59 years, replacing it with a "more inclusive" co-ed dance squad.

Petra Pope, who spent more than 30 years working in entertainment for NBA teams, has been hired to lead gameday entertainment and the creative direction of the new dance squad.

The problem? Washington apparently neglected to inform its cheerleaders in advance, so they found out on social media, like everyone else, that they'd essentially been fired.

Understandably angry, some of the 'First Ladies of Football' took to Twitter to vent, with a few of them even calling out team president Jason Wright directly.

It wasn't pretty...

(Editor's Note: Some of the tweets below contain NSFW language.)

In the USA TODAY article Washington used to announce the news, Pope does say all of Washington's cheerleader contracts have expired and those women are welcome to audition for the 2021 dance squad.

If only, perhaps, the organization could have found a more polite way of communicating that to them directly, they wouldn't feel so hurt.

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