Dreger: No progress made in Jack Eichel trade talks

TSN hockey insider Darren Dreger joined "The Instigators" with the latest on the medical dispute between the Sabres and Eichel

Training camp for the Buffalo Sabres is officially underway ahead of the 2021-22 NHL season.

At the dawn of training camp, the team made national headlines when Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams announced the team has stripped center Jack Eichel of his captaincy. This comes after the three-time NHL All-Star failed his physical on Wednesday.

TSN hockey insider Darren Dreger joined "The Instigators" on Friday in the midst of all the chaos between the Sabres and their former second overall pick in the 2015 NHL Draft.

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Dreger said the Sabres still remains at a standstill with Eichel over how he should rehab the herniated disk in his neck, and what the best medical course of action is.

"Until [the Sabres and Eichel] find common ground, I don't really know what the next step beyond that is, other than the obvious which would be a trade," Dreger said with Brian Duff and Martin Biron. "We know that Kevyn Adams and Pat Brisson of CAA Hockey, who now represents Jack Eichel, have been in constant communication. They have assembled a list of teams who have expressed at least some interest in trading for Eichel. I don't get the sense anything has changed, or has progressed, in those discussions."

NHL insider Nick Kypreos tweeted Friday morning that one of a half dozen teams interested in acquiring Eichel revealed that they'd be interested in acquiring the former Sabrescaptain, as long as there are stipulations and/or conditions tied to Eichel's play post-surgery.

Dreger confirmed seeing this report, and said it'll take more than just a generic trade package to entice the Sabres to move Eichel.

"I think that the team that acquires Eichel, to Nick [Kypreos'] point, is going to have to be creative," Dreger said. "There has to be a willingness from the Sabres' perspective to get creative. [The Sabres have to] get creative enough where maybe there's a Plan B or a Plan C within the package you're getting back."

You can listen to Dreger's entire interview during "The Instigators" below:

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