Chargers' hiring of obscure young coach prompts questions about diversity, fairness


The Los Angeles Chargers turned heads late on Sunday night, when it was reported the team was hiring 38-year-old Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley as its next coach.

The hiring of a relative unknown in NFL coaching ranks, who has only one year as a coordinator and a couple as an assistant, quickly prompted questions about the fairness of hiring searches, particularly with respect to minority coaches.

Staley, a former quarterback with the Dayton Flyers, is now the third-youngest head coach in the league.

Some noted the improbability of his meteoric rise from defensive coordinator at John Carroll University only five years ago, to now being head coach of an NFL team in a major market.

But others on social media had different concerns aside from the unlikeliness of it all.

For some, it marked yet another missed opportunity for an NFL team to hire highly respected Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, who many predicted would be a good fit for the Chargers and their offensive weapons.

Discussing Bieniemy earlier on Sunday, prior to reports of Staley's hiring, Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe forcefully rejected the idea that Bieniemy's apparent snubs came from his lack of play-calling experience.

Last offseason the league updated its famous Rooney Rule, first implemented in 2003, which was officially meant to raise interview and hiring rates for candidates of color.

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