Of course Mike Golic ate cake during his final ESPN broadcast


Mike Golic made sure to go out with a bang. Golic, who was booted from his longtime radio gig when ESPN canceled “Golic and Wingo” this summer, concluded his decades-long tenure at The Mothership by calling Saturday’s Fiesta Bowl alongside play-by-play veteran Dave Pasch. It was only fitting that Golic would end his legendary run in Phoenix, the city where his broadcasting career began as a local radio host in 1996 (talk about full circle).

While Golic’s farewell was relatively understated compared to Tom Rinaldi’s emotional goodbye 24 hours earlier on College GameDay, the folks in Phoenix weren’t letting Golic skip town without a parting gift. Though he’s slimmed down some in recent years, Golic has never been one to turn down dessert (or donuts, as evidenced by his iconic gluttony at the NFL Draft). So when the Fiesta Bowl’s mascot Spirit (apparently bowl games have mascots?) presented a goodbye cake at halftime of Saturday’s broadcast, the 58-year-old happily obliged. Hell, he didn’t even need a fork. Utensils be damned!

We’ve seen surprise cakes used as props before (no one took so much as a nibble out of A-Rod’s birthday cake on Sunday Night Baseball), but with Golic, you know it’s ending up in his belly. What better way to celebrate the end of an era than devouring a mountain of empty calories? Worry about that New Year’s resolution Sunday, Mike. You earned this cheat day.

As for the game itself, Iowa State made quick work of Oregon, defeating the Pac-12 champs by a convincing 34-17 margin. Our graphics czar at RADIO.COM, Scott Krava, a former kicker for the Cyclones, was no doubt pleased by this result.

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