Taillon will miss Pittsburgh, says Pirates' future is bright

He knows you're tired of hearing it, but he says the Bucs are building toward success

Pitcher Jameson Taillon is coming to grips that he is no longer with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and is encouraged about the organization’s future.

Joining the Fan Morning Show on Tuesday, Taillon says after hearing from so many people he met in the Pittsburgh area, that he shed a few tears but was happy to know that he had an impact in people’s lives.

Pirates fans have been with Taillon through two Tommy John surgeries and a battle with cancer.

“It’s been emotional for the past few days, starting to have some time to reflect,” said Taillon. “I’ve gotten to build relationships with fans and people I’ve met out in public, grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops had a lot of different teammates through the years.”

Taillon says he has been getting a lot of texts and calls the past few days.

“The cool thing is from all that, when I’m reading these texts and seeing people on social media reach out I guess it means that impacted some people along the way.”

Taillon bought a home in Bloomfield a few years ago and said he is going to miss the neighborhood and his neighbors.

Taillon along with Tyler Glasnow and Gerrit Cole were supposed to be part of the next wave of winning baseball in Pittsburgh, but that never came to be.

“We’re moving on from what that next wave was supposed to be and that kind of sucks . . . we all dreamed of winning in Pittsburgh together,” said Taillon.

While Cole got to experience winning baseball, Taillon never got to pitch in a playoff game.

But while he is leaving, he says the future is bright for Pittsburgh and it’s not hyperbole.

“I really believe the people we have in place will bring winning baseball to Pittsburgh, I think we’re getting a lot of this right, I think stuff going on in the inside is right, it feels right, the culture they’re building is right so I know people are sick of hearing that but I think we have the right people in place here in Pittsburgh,” said Taillon

Taillon says pitching coach Oscar Martin helped him so much with his rehab and getting him healthy.

“Go up to Shelty (Manager Derek Shelton} younger, more innovative Much better communicator.”

Taillon is also impressed by the moves that Cherington has made and was excited for the prospects that he had acquired since taking over.
He also said even though “it sucks” sometimes (since he was traded) Cherington knows when to take emotion out of a decision and make the right move.