Dog shows compassion for injured owner by matching his limp while walking

Video of the dog walking alongside its owner went viral recently
By , 100.3 Jack FM

They say dogs often take on the personalities of their owners, but apparently it goes much further than that.

A video of a dog showing its injured owner some compassion went viral recently and has many people online gushing, reports Fox News.

In a video posted by a Facebook user named Russell Jones, the healthy dog can be seen walking with a limp alongside his owner, who makes his way down the street with a cast on his leg using a pair of crutches.

The dog is seen in the short clip hopping with one paw raised. Many online couldn’t believe the dog’s compassion, claiming this to be proof that dogs truly are man’s best friend.

In the video's caption, Jones explains that he took the dog to the vet thinking something was wrong with its leg as well.

"Nothing wrong, just sympathy," Jones said in his now-viral post.

The clip has been shared over 25,000 times.

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