Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will run for president if people want him to

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will run for president if people want him to

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, who is currently promoting Young Rock, his new autobiographical sitcom, said he would still be open to running for president in the future. He shared, “I would consider a presidential run in the future if that’s what the people wanted... Truly I mean that, and I’m not flippant in any way with my answer. That would be up to the people.” Dwayne Johnson added: “So I would wait, and I would listen. I would have my finger on the pulse, my ear to the ground.” These comments come after he said back in 2017 that he was “seriously considering” running for president.

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively giving more money to food banks

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have donated $1 million to food banks to help people out during the pandemic. This is the second time that they made a donation. Feeding America and Food Banks Canada announced the contributions on their social media pages in a funny way. They wrote: "Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude ONCE AGAIN to Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively for pledging another $500K in support of our COVID-19 Response Funds... You continue to be not only our favourite Canadian, but also our favourite superhero (sorry, Hugh Jackman)."

Kendall Jenner is entering the tequila business

Kendall Jenner is entering the tequila business. She made the announcement on Instagram yesterday. Kendall Jenner's 818 Tequila brand has been years in the making and has already anonymously won tasting competitions (including the World Tequila Awards) for a variety of categories. Kendall Jenner wrote, "For almost 4 years I've been on a journey to create the best-tasting tequila. after dozens of blind taste tests, trips to our distillery, entering into world tasting competitions anonymously and WINNING... 3.5 years later I think we've done it!"