David Guetta on Ed Sheeran's role in his head-nodding hit, 'Baby Don't Hurt Me'

Guetta stops by Audacy Live at Hard Rock Hotel New York
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David Guetta’s track “Baby Don’t Hurt Me” featuring Anne-Marie and Coi Leray is currently blowing up in the best way.

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Following the incredible success of his Bebe Rexha collab “I'm Good (Blue),” are you really that surprised? Stopping by Audacy Live at Hard Rock Hotel New York for a Check In with Emily West, David talk all about it, and more.

“We got a little bit lucky with ‘I'm Good,’" Guetta admitted, “a record that Bebe Rexha and myself made a little bit for fun four years ago, but did not release it. I played it one time in my DJ set and someone sampled and used it for TikTok and it became a huge TikTok hit, and then a global No. 1 when I released it. So I was like okay, I’m gonna keep digging in that 90s vibe.”

And while “I’m Good” is still going strong, as David revealed, his latest head-nodding hit, “Baby Don’t Hurt Me” featuring Anne-Marie and Coi Leray, has officially made it “to Top 20 in the U.S.,” and he’s “just really happy about everything.”

Reflecting on the difficult past few years in correlation to the current music trend of weaving in nostalgia all while keeping things fresh, David noted, “people want feel good music.” And just as TikTok has been “giving a new life to a lot of records,” its more about how now “there are no rules in music.”

When explaining how Ed Sheeran has a writing credit on his latest track, David shared that it happened after an amazing gig in Ibiza that had Ed jumping up and down “like crazy,” to “I'm Good.”

“We knew each other… but we never really worked together,” leading Ed to suggest that they do. “We did actually quite a few songs,” David revealed, “but he has his album right now so he’s like ‘I can’t release anything now, but please use it.’ So that verse that Anne-Marie is singing, he wrote that.”

While discussing the music video featuring one very important dance move, Guetta admitted he actually had no idea that the iconic track he sampled was from cult classic film A Night at the Roxbury when it was time to shoot. And he especially had no idea he’d be head-nodding for hours because of it. Humorously adding, they had a trainer on set just to do that move, and after “doing it all day, we all had to take an ibuprofen.”

“This record is kind of covering all grounds,” David said, “because Anne-Marie’s huge in Europe, Coi Leray is like the hottest new artist in the U.S. and me being global — it’s really like a nice combination.”

As for who he has his eye on to collaborate with next, David doesn’t have any one particular in mind but does know that it's not about their level of fame, but rather about their level of talent. He actually prefers to work with someone he can help take to the next level, noting "that’s the dream, if you’re asking me.”

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