Audacy Check In: Charlie Puth opens about about his new ‘Left and Right’ collab with BTS’ Jung Kook

Inside his latest single with BTS' Jung Kook
By , Audacy

Ever wonder what it’s like to make a song with a member of BTS? Let’s go live with Charlie Puth to find out.

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Charlie Puth joined us for an Audacy Check In as he gave us the inside scoop of his new single “Left and Right.” The track is a collaboration with Jung Kook of BTS as the pair teamed up for their first recording together.

Puth gave an elaborate introduction of Jung Kook before pausing and telling Audacy’s Julia, “I’m speaking like no one has ever heard of him before,” with a big laugh.

The pair have known each other for a couple of years making their collaboration a long time coming. “We did one performance four years ago and we’ve always just kind of shouted each other out on social media,” Puth explained. “I appreciate his music and I think he appreciates mine so the collaboration just felt the most natural.”

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Puth said the idea to work together wasn’t forced by their labels. Rather, he reached out to Jung Kook to see if there was a match. “I wrote him and was like, I have this idea and I think that you’re the only person who could really pull it off. And then he sent back a perfect vocal, I love when artists send back perfect vocals,” he said.

After the two agreed to work together, Puth texted Jung Kook thanking him as the BTS star got to work right away. “He said, ‘thanks so much for sending it, I’m going to go practice now,’” Puth recalled. About a week later, Puth received Jung Kook’s vocals and was blown away by it. “It was a miraculously perfect vocal,” Puth said.

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“Left and Right” is one of the songs that’ll appear on Puth’s highly-anticipated new album Charlie. We checked in with Puth to see where he was at with the record and let’s just say it doesn’t seem like it’s too far off.

“The album is done,” Puth stated. “I’m always going to annoy everybody and do things last minute, but it’s done.” Naming the album after himself was something he always planned with this record. Puth revealed that it originally had a different working title.

“It was originally going to be called Conversations With Myself because I wrote every song by having a conversation in my own head with myself or just talking to myself, but it felt too on the nose, buttoned up tie, like smoking a cigarette next to a piano kind of sounding,” he explained. He added, “this music is an extension of me so much of anything that I’ve ever put out before that it just felt really natural just naming it after myself.”

Watch Charlie Puth’s full Audacy Check In with Julia above and listen to “Left and Right” on Audacy’s Charlie Puth Radio!

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