Florida Man Bought A Porsche With Fake Check Printed On Home Computer

Porsche Hubcap
Photo credit Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

Florida Man doesn't get enough credit. Florida man is clever. Sure, he's absolutely a criminal... but he's clever.

I'm curious if this particular Florida Man was inspired by the Miami Man who scammed millions of dollars in Coronavirus PPP loans to buy a Lamborghini.

42-year old Casey William Kelley in Miramar Beach allegedly cashed an almost $140,000 check at a local car dealership on Tuesday to buy a Porsche. The dealership must have been particularly eager to make the sale, because they just let him drive right off before even making sure it was real. Turns out, the check was just printed off on his personal computer at home and was, obviously, fake. 

Once the dealership found out, they reported the car as stolen. That wasn't enough, though, and Florida Man got greedy. He also tried to purchase some Rolex Watches with the fake check and the jeweler had the idea to hold onto them until the checks cleared. By the time they came back fake and it was reported to the police, they had already picked him up with the stolen Porsche.