Mattel unveils new animatronic Baby Yoda toy available this fall

The 11 inch tall toy allows Baby Yoda to waddle around
Photo credit Anthony Behar

When Disney+ released ‘The Mandalorian’ last year, all the hype seemingly revolved around the Baby Yoda character. Due to the secrecy of Baby Yoda, Disney didn’t have the level of merchandise the public demanded ready for the holiday season. Luckily, the baby Yoda products eventually hit the shelves, and now with season two of the show set to premiere, Mattel has unveiled a new Baby Yoda toy any ‘Star Wars’ fan would want.

The new Mattel Baby Yoda is an animatronic RC toy that is full of electronics, including authentic sound effects and motors allowing it to move. The 11 inch toy will be available for this fall for $60. The toy has the ability to waddle on the ground, turn its head from side to side, look up and down and wiggle its ears.

While this is not the first animatronic Baby Yoda doll to hit the market, it may be the best; as it appears the toy can move around without much assistance. Many fans of ‘The Mandalorian’ are hoping to get their hands on the new Mattel Baby Yoda by the time season two premieres. It will definitely be a huge hit this holiday season as well.

Via Gizmodo