Meet Nicole Alvarez

Hi my name is Nicole Alvarez!

I have been in radio for my whole life pretty much, and I am assuming a few lifetimes before as well. There are people that say they love music, and they do, and then there's me.

I strategically live my life around music. Every decision I have ever made is usually informed by a band, a song, a show I want to see, or a lyric that made me do it. Some people have a group of best friends, I have a group of best songs. I am usually never far from them.

I have a wild nature, very strong, but fair, opinions, I am not afraid of stirring the pot if it leads to an interesting and open dialogue. I love to charm a room, I travel every single chance I get, I am a rock and roll girl at heart, I really love to help people, and my show is very music oriented. I like to challenge, inspire, and promote authentic talk. ​

I also love to have a real good time whenever possible. Trouble does not scare me. I mean well.