Covid Anal Swab Tests Won't Make You Walk Like Penguin According To China

Okay, well if that's the case give me one
Covid Test
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China has assured the public that you won't walk like a penguin after getting the corona anal swab test.

I'm pretty sure I would.

They made this clarification after a video went viral showing people walking funny following the anal swab stories being released. Authorities have declared the video fake, but did not explain to Forbes what exactly the video was showing.

China started the anal testing method recently which involves a 1.2 inch swab going into the rectum.

Officials say that they can detect the coronavirus better if they do it anally. Chinese State TV says that they won't fully implement the butt swabbing across the country because it isn't convenient.

You don't say?

"We found that some asymptomatic patients tend to recover quickly. There may be no trace of the virus in their throat after three to five days,” Dr. Li Tongzeng, deputy chief physician of Beijing You're Hospital said.

"But the virus lasts longer in the samples taken from the patient's digestive tract and excrement, compared to the ones taken from the respiratory tract. If we conduct anal swabs for nucleic acid testing, it would increase the detection rates of patients and lower the chance of a missed diagnosis,” he added.

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