Couple whose date turned into COVID lockdown are now engaged

Couple on Swing
Photo credit anyaberkut / Getty

A Chinese woman who has gained a big social media following due to her one of a kind COVID lockdown with her blind date has announced that they are now engaged, Yahoo! News reports.

Before the lockdowns, the woman had traveled to meet a number of men arranged by her family, and was invited on another date with a man who wanted to cook dinner for her at his house.

When the date ended, the couple walked out of the apartment building and learned that the entire area had been shut down due to the Coronavirus, and they had to go back inside the man’s apartment.

The woman decided that it would be a good idea to start live streaming their relationship, as they both were now living and working from the same home. Viewers were able to see their relationship grow as they got to know one another.

The woman says that they are soulmates, and are planning to marry soon.

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