Crocs with stiletto heels are now a thing

High heels have never been so comfortable
Photo credit David Silverman / Staff / Getty

Balenciaga, a high end designer, wanted to find a way to make high heels comfortable for women.

What was the solution? How about slapping some heels on the bottom, and turning that regular pair of Crocs into stilettos.

The designer unveiled the Croc stilettos at the designer’s 2022 fashion show, ABC 7 reports.

The new footwear looks pretty much just like a croc, until you flip it over and see the long heel sticking out of the bottom.

According to W Magazine, Balenciaga originally teamed up with Crocs in 2017, and designed a platform clog with a price tag of $850. Those Crocs sold out before they were even released.

Stiletto Crocs will most likely retail for a thousand dollars.