Mysterious lights across Detroit River turn out to be marijuana farms

At least that's what they want you to think
Purple light in sky
Photo credit arvitalya / Getty

People on the Detroit River have been wondering what the strange lights across-the-river actually were.

Were they paranormal? No. The lights are caused by marijuana farms.

Below the lights are acres and acres of greenhouses for growing marijuana. A percentage of local residents aren't happy about the strange lights in the sky caused by the farms, calling the light pollution a public nuisance.

The city of Leamington, where the most of the lights originate, are looking into possibly fining businesses that are causing the light pollution throughout the region.

“[The lights used] are LED lights, whichis a closer match to the light plants use for photosynthesis.
And these lights have a purple color to them.” a two year old report from the CBC stated.

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