Nerd Talk With Gregr: Capturing carbon in Iceland

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Carbon Emissions
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This week, Gregr’s capturing carbon in Iceland!

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While most of us want the Earth to continue to support human life (ya think?), almost no one does anything meaningful to help usher the change beyond sending an angry tweet. Except for Iceland, they've switched on one of the biggest carbon capture facilities in the world and it's a surprisingly simple process!

While that sucker pulls 4,000 tons of carbon from the air annually, another couple plants are coming online in coming years. Those will pull about 1,000,000 tons per year says That feels massive, but the world is a big place - how much do we belch out every year?

31 billion tons...

Remember a billion is 1,000 millions - we need 31,000 of these facilities to complete offset the emissions. Yikes! Maybe if we build half that many and try to stop cutting down the gd rain forests we could actually survive. Gonna be over here holding my breath to help out.

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