Pastor heals people by farting on their faces

He says he farts the holy spirit
Photo credit AH86 / Getty

You can't make this shi* up.

I have bad gas, ask my wife. I actually think I'm pretty talented at farting, and if there was a competition here in Orlando I would probably be top ten material. Despite my talent, I never thought that I could make a career out of it like this guy.

A South African pastor claims that he can heal people by farting on their faces.

Chris Penelope, a self proclaimed man of God, has been photographed sitting on top of peoples faces and farting on them.

How does it work? Penelope says he just has to fart on their heads near their nostrils to release the holy spirit. He also claims that his farts can perform miracles.

How is the fart miracle business working out for him? Well, at one of his seminars there were dozens of people waiting to receive the holy farts onto their faces. Some people have had to wait up to two months to meet with Penelope to get farted on. Others don't get to meet with him, but collect his farts in containers to take with them.


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Featured Image Photo Credit: AH86 / Getty