Jelly Roll's 'Whitsitt Chapel' has arrived: Inside the album with the artist himself

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Jelly Roll
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As promised, Jelly Roll is continuing to solidify his own space in Country music with the release of his debut album, Whitsitt Chapel, available now.

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After grabbing the attention of Country music fans with his debut single, “Son of a Sinner,” and following up with, “Need A Favor,” new music could not come soon enough for his fans and it’s finally here.

“[In] 2022 I climbed the mountain of Country music,” the Rocker-gone-Country told Audacy’s Rob + Holly. “[In] 2023, I’m gonna plant the flag to show y’all I’m here… Let me claim a little space.”

That’s exactly what he’s done with the release of this album filled with honesty, vulnerability and stories of his personal testimony.

“My new album, Whitsitt Chapel, is about my childhood church, the church I got baptized in when I was fourteen years old,” Jelly said of the project. “We started writing different songs and I just felt like everything I was writing wasn't telling the right story. Then we wrote a song called ‘Hungover In A Church Pew’ and then a song called ‘Church’ and I knew then that I was gonna write a concept album around my childhood church.”

The album shares the same truth the 38-year-old recently displayed for the world to see with the release of his Hulu documentary, Jelly Roll: Save Me, now streaming.

“It is the most intimate, personal thing I could have showed the world,” he told Audacy’s Katie Neal. “It’s my daughter, my wife, my real life, my struggles, my mother, my family… They [the film crew] were with me for hours and hours, thousands of hours.”

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The documentary shares the title of one of Jelly’s most impactful songs to date, “Save Me,” which he upgraded for the album by adding the vocals of fellow Country music star, Lainey Wilson.

“’Save Me’ [is a] song that changed my whole life,” the Tennessee native shared. “I felt like this song has helped millions and millions of people and I believed in my heart that it could help millions and millions more and that's why I wanted to get Lainey Wilson on it and hope that we could touch some more people with this message."

He continued, “If you've heard it, check it out and listen to it fully produced with Lainey Wilson, it's a different experience. If you've never heard it, I wanna introduce you to your new favorite song.”

Hear “Save Me feat. Lainey Wilson,” and 12 other of your new favorite songs on Jelly Roll’s Whitsitt Chapel, available now.

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