Did Drake just say he dated SZA?

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By , Audacy

21 Savage x Metro Boomin just dropped a brand new album, Savage Mode II, and while that’s all good and great, we’re kind of freaking out about one song in particular, “Mr. Right Now,” featuring our imaginary boyfriend Drake.

On the track, the Certified Lover Boy, claims that back in 2008 he dated, drumroll please… SZA! Yeah we know, take all the time you need, our brains actually exploded, there’s debris everywhere. “Yeah, said she wanna f*** to some SZA, wait,” Drake raps before dropping the lyric bomb. “‘Cause I used to date SZA back in ’08 / If you cool with it, baby, she can still play.”

Should we have seen this coming? When SZA announced the release of her new track "Hit Different" on Instagram last month, Drake showed her love, dubbing her "the chef's kiss” and even used her real name Solána in the shout out, but honestly we just chalked that up to our boy being a flirt. We're such fools!

2008 would be right around the time that Drizzy’s career started popping off, which would put the baby-faced Aubrey at about the age of twenty-one and fresh off the Degrassi train, SZA, would have been around seventeen at time. SZA still hasn’t publicly addressed the dating allegations since the songs release a mere 14 hours ago. However, rumor is she unfollowed him on IG , we checked and it’s true. Not sure what that means, or if she ever followed him in the first place, smh.

Drake’s own new album, Certified Lover Boy is expected to release at some point this fall, which somehow now doesn’t seem soon enough.

For now listen to Drake’s big reveal and the rest of the 21 Savage x Metro Boomin track "Mr.Right Now" above.

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